NBC Universal Television

Clear Channel

Discovery Channel

TV One - Unsung

Carson Daley Show - Last Call

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

The CW Washington: Photos used in the CW Washington program called "Inner Loop"

Independent film - "Offline" - Still photography on set.

Coordinators for professional photography at the DC Short Film Festival for 4 consecutive years.

OPI Magazine

BMR Magazine - Tokyo, Japan

Soul Bag Magazine - France

Mashanyu Magazine - East Africa

IC Publications (African Banker Magazine)

Sister To Sister Magazine

TIME Entertainment

Verse Magazine

Gabriels The Magazine

Upscale Magazine

Golf Styles Magazine - Fashion article

HyGrade Magazine

Rolling Stone Magazine (web edition)


Express Newspaper

Washington Post

Washington Informer Newspaper

Washington City Paper

DC Lottery promotional material

Metro rail platform billboards

Nineteenth Street NW by Rex Ghosh (Book)

The Roberts Memoranda: A Solution by Michael J. Hirrel (Book)

Yetta Young productions Theatre play: The Vagina Monologues, print and website photography

Pepe - The Mail Order Monkey Musical

Album Cover: Chuck Brown "We're About the Business" plus CD liner note photos.

Album Photography - Chuck Brown - We Got This -

Chucky Thompson - Hip-Hop producer (Lifeprint) - print/web

John "Gotti" Phipps - Hip-Hop sound engineer - print/web

Emily King - new talent on J Records (Lifeprint Productions)

Soul Train

Research In Motion (Blackberry PDA's)

Guernsey Office Products

Diep 9

Scrofano Law

Le Bustiere Lingerie

Brody Flow Sunglasses

Brenda Bertrand Realty

Jaanu Jewelry Designs LLC

Tara Milani

Camille Gabriele Bags

Tashia Senn Designs

Beebs by Biba Fashion - Entire Online Catalogue & Promotional materials

Leo A Daley

Pharmaceutical Care Management Association (PCMA)



DC Smiles

DC Smiles Dentistry

Modern Dentistry

Whitbread PLC (UK) Promotional material and menus for Restaurants

Congressional Black Caucus Journal

Department of Education

The Heritage Foundation

International Fund for Education and Self Help

Mercer University

University of Buffalo

University of Florida

Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University

IMF/World Bank

Trustar Bank

On stage photography at The Verizon Center, Washington D.C.

Royalty, Celebrities, Politicians, Ambassadors, and even the World's Tallest Man...


Stills Gallery (Edinburgh, Scotland)

Open Eye Gallery (Liverpool, England)

The Photographers Gallery (London, England)

Here is why James Hilsdon consistently gets rated "5 STARS"

Things some of our clients have said about us:

Cassie said:

Best ever! James was an extraordinary, hospitable gentleman. He is very easy going and phenomenal at what he does. To say the least, I had a blast shooting with him. James, to me, is a one of a kind photographer who simply brings the best out of the model without even trying. Great energy & comfort level. I wouldn't think twice to work with him again if the opportunity were to arise. Very pleased.

Robert said:

James is a prince of a man and photographer. He is patient, encouraging, charming, and, most importantly, excellent at his work. I cannot recommend him more highly. If you need professional photographs, whether for work or personal use, you should absolutely use Hilsdon Photography.

Charles Said:

James is a great guy and an effective photographer. He really wants you to look your best. I am not comfortable in front of the camera but he made me quite relaxed and did a great job. My highest recommendation.

Sweetsatsujin said:

James Hilsdon is a wonderfully talented and professional photographer. Even before we shot, he made me feel very comfortable and communicated very well what kind of images he wanted to create. He had great suggestions and feedback for me as a model and I found shooting with a photographer of his caliber very educational. The photos turned out beautifully, with exceptional clarity and composition. I would love to work with him again!

DC Smiles said:

We, DC Smiles, have been doing business with Hilsdon Photography for over a year now and we have never been more pleased with a photographer than we are with James. His work is breathtaking. His photographs come alive with all sorts of detail and elicit all sorts of wonderful feelings. Our patients' photographs are taken after they complete their smile makeovers because we want to capture their new found self-confidence, their new inner and outer beauty, and their overall happiness. James is able to capture all of these things so very well. He brings out their new, bright, beautiful smiles and personalities and they absolutely radiate. James's offices are gorgeous with breathtaking views of the city. I am told by all of our patients that he makes them feel at ease, comfortable, natural and is the utmost professional. They go on to tell me he is the best photographer they have ever worked with. We at DC Smiles agree!

Julia said:

A True Professional Wonderful photographer! He does great work and is very professional. His studio is well kept and he is always very prepared for each shoot. During the shoot, he makes you feel comfortable. He will give you just enough guidance of what to do if you need it. He is never overpowering by telling you to pose exactly one way or another. He gives you freedom to do what you want. He definitely has the skill and knowledge to make sure that each photo comes out perfect. There is no need to wait for him to "play around" with lighting. He knows what needs to be lit and where to light it, so no time will be wasted when working with him.

Migael said:

Highly Recommended!!! Working with James was an all around great experience! He's extremely professional, yet very personable. He took his time to make sure we got great pictures. Just in talking to him about photography in general, you'll see that he's very knowledgeable and passionate about what he does. It's great not to feel rushed or pressured. He even showed me looks and modeling techniques to appear better in front of the camera. The pictures came naturally and he made it a really fun process. My photo session was to build a modeling portfolio and I was a little reluctant at first because of all the rumors one hears about working with photographers, but James is true to his craft and doesn't have any hidden agendas. It was seriously a pleasure working with him and I highly recommend him to everyone.

Ted said:

WOW! Thanks James! We love the photos of our daughter. So glamorous! It was just great working with you. You are very talented professionals! 

Vitalia said: 

Thank you again for a great shoot!!! You are fantastic too work with! 

Svetlana said: 

Absolutely love working with you! The shoot was amazing! 

Natalie said: 

I just wanna say thank you very much. It was a great pleasure working with you. You are very easy, calm, and comfortable to work with. GREAT PHOTOGRAPHER to work with. :)

Jasmine said:

Thank you so much for the wonderful experience, James. It was great to work with you and I would love to do it again some time. :D

Ms. Johnson said:

Absolute pleasure working with you!!

Amy said:

It was a pleasure working with you and helping the concept come alive!

Ms. West said:

Thanks again for the headshots. They're really amazing and you were so helpful with making me look great especially since I've never photographed before. I totally recommend you to everyone!

Megan said:

Well you made things very comfortable as far as shooting went. Thank you so much for the professionalism and the advice!! Brandi said: It was GREAT shooting with you!

April said:

XOXOXO Ioana said: I absolutely LOVE the photos. They are awesome. Thank you! Hilsdon Photography?...Oh, just great,professional, funny,smart,creative ,amazing people to work with.! The fact that they are very creative ,talented ,energetic and motivated has a lot to do with the result of their final work: great images for models, people that understand investing in their image is the beginning of a successful path.

Ariel said:

A Fun filled photo session. They are a blast to work with. The Creative Services Director originally came into my office as a client. When she told me that her husband just became a full time photographer I decided to hire him to take my head shots for a marketing campaign. James came to my office and helped me set up for multiple creative shots of myself and the office. The whole session lasted about two hours and was a lot of fun. I am not a model by any means and James helped make the experience seem effortless. I received the proofs several days later. It was very hard to choose the right photos as there were so many to choose from. I can't wait until the final product arrives. Thanks again guys.

Willy said:

High Quality Pictures at Reasonable Prices I have given pictures from this place to my in-laws, friends, and even my sons (ages 6 and 10) and everybody loves them. It was so easy to order them online. I think I'll go buy something for myself now for my birthday.

Aida Said:

An extremely talented team! As soon as you meet them you know you are going to get exactly what you hoped for and more. They not only listen carefully to all your demands and expectations but they make sure you get the results you wanted. They are attentive, professional, diligent, and organized. No matter what your project is they will make you feel it's their priority to get it right and make sure you are happy. At the photo shoot for my t-shirt line, the atmosphere they created was great, everyone felt comfortable and at ease which led to a fantastic photo shoot and some exceptional photos that will soon be on my website. I definitely look forward to working with them again soon and would without a doubt recommend them to whomever is looking to work with a passionate, professional and talented team of photographers.

Others have said:

Amazing photography, Flawless customer service!! I highly recommend Hilsdon Photography to anyone looking for a professional photographer.

I was very impressed by my entire experience working with Hilsdon Photography! My photographs are amazing and I am so happy! I had a combination of headshots and full length professional photos done for an upcoming project. Their attention to the smallest details was incredible, and their easygoing and friendly manner was great. I felt so comfortable and at ease during my photo session. I will be a repeat customer and I am very happy to recommend them to others. They are The Best!!

They added so much to my son's wedding in April 2008 that I have not stopped raving about them. The pictures are so lovely, so well done - they truly captured the joy of that day. I look at their pictures and I am right back at Stronghold Mansion in Maryland amongst both families and friends. I cannot describe how they managed to capture everything - everything - and be so unintrusive. They are two terrific people who put their hearts and their considerable talents into their work. They have gone out of their way and helped me with extra prints I needed for gifts. We truly were blessed that my daughter-in-law found them for their special day. My rating goes beyond 5 stars! They are the best, personally and professionally.

Excellent professional headshots They were very professional, friendly and courteous. They put me totally at ease and made me feel very comfortable in their studio, which led to a fun photoshoot and a great set of professional-looking headshots. I couldn't have been happier with my experience, and will happily recommend them to others. Thanks for the wonderful service.

- Praveen Highly Recommended! My photos are beautiful!

Hi I am Sarah Joy, a past client of Hilsdon Photography LLC. Three of my fellow Miss D.C. contestants and I used Hilsdon Photography LLC for our headshots, 3/4 length and full body photographs for the pageant. Our experience with Hilsdon Photography was a very positive one and we highly recommend them to everyone. We did our photoshoot all together and it was a lot of fun! We were recommended to seek out Hilsdon Photography LLC by one of the pageant staff after looking around for about two weeks for a photographer that we felt comfortable with. I personally liked the Hilsdons because of their eye on fashion photography. I did not want regular "pageant" headshots, and they created an intensely personable image of me that helped me get through the second and third rounds! All of the other girls commented how great my pictures were and so did the pageant director. My family loved the photos so much that my mom and dad ordered several and had them framed! The other thing that I wanted to say about Hilsdon Photography LLC is that they are very responsive and they can turn around your photographs FAST! I also liked their prices. I was very pleased overall with my entire experience. In summary: If you are looking for the following attributes in a photographer: - Professionalism - Attention to Detail - Return calls and emails promptly - Easy to work with - Fun! You should DEFINITELY make an appointment to see James at Hilsdon Photography LLC. Sincerely, Sarah Joy

Highly recommend!!! I've had an opportunity to work with the Hilsdons's several times now and would highly recommend them. As a result of our working together, several agencies have contacted me and offered contracts. They are true professionals that care about their work, and I have had nothing but positive experiences with them! If all photographers were this easy and professional to work with, the industry would be substantially improved. I worked with James for the majority of my commercial print and fashion work (which has gotten the attention of the agencies every time). James is a very efficient and creative photographer, with an eye for lighting and detail/contrasts/angles. There is never any need to worry about missing a shot; he gets it every time. He has made me a better model; I feel lucky to have worked with him!

They have taken the majority of my maternity images and infant portraits (when my son was born.) The images are beautiful and are often the most viewed and commented pictures I have posted on my modelmayhem/myspace/facebook accounts. I was delighted to use one of these photographs for the birth announcement! I am currently in the process of putting together a "First Year" book that will highlight many of these images; they are truly memories that will last a lifetime! I am so thankful that I have photographers that have been able to capture the moment! ~Lisa Bellarosa

Their headshots will get you noticed. I have had 3 photoshoots with them. I have worked with them since way back and these are good people. I am an aspiring actor and model and initially contacted Hilsdon Photography back in 2006 to do my first headshots. I have been a return client twice since then because James take the time to really find out what the casting agencies want, and what the photo requirements are before starting the photoshoot.

James is a very good photographer, and his creativity shines through with how he uses the lighting. My headshots have been consistently good and I have been signed to several casting agencies using their photos. My headshots are crisp and clear and elegant and do not typecast me in any way. I used their makeup artist on two of the shoots (I wish I had done this for all three, but anyway) and she is very good. The makeup was very natural and looked flawless on my pictures. What I liked the most was that she paid attention to every little detail and was there throughout the shoot to check my makeup and make sure that my face was not shiny, or if I needed to reapply some lipgloss, powder, or fix my hair. This was the first makeup artist I paid for and I feel like I got my money's worth. I normally use TFP makeup artists and the difference was clear. The make-up artist knows how to do makeup on any type of skin, black, white, whatever. I am dark skinned and she did a really good job (for a white lady!) LOL j/k I was honestly suprised she knew how to do black hair too. I also like the fact that she always was washing her hands before touching my face and her makeup kit and equipment was clean. The bathroom and changing area was very clean and nice too. I think that the most important thing that is setting these two apart from all the other photographers I worked with, is how they are so nice to the model during the shoot. I know that sound basic but alot of photographers are mean or make the photoshoot all about them. James always listened to my suggestions and was very respectful and friendly. One thing that I noticed right away was that their studio is so clean and smelled so nice. I know that sound funny but I'm serious. I live in L.A. now but if I am in Washington I would shoot with them again. Thanks Hilsdon Photography!

AMAZING Wedding Photography! My husband and I used Hilsdon Photography LLC for our April 2008 wedding and we have been so pleased with the high level of service before, during, and after our wedding day! The high quality photographs, and the AMAZING custom photobook that Theresa created out of our wedding photos, all are absolutely first-class work. They are nice people to work with, and that helped a lot! I hate having my photo taken and they made the whole process a lot easier. We were really anxious about choosing our wedding photographers. It is a huge decision!!! We interviewed a total of five wedding photographers before making our final decision to go with Hilsdon Photography. Aside from their gorgeous photography, we chose them based on how they put us immediately at ease and were very relaxed and friendly. We met with them in their immaculate downtown D.C. studio, which by the way is really easy to get to on the Metro. Our first impression was that they put a lot of effort into making their clients happy, and they have never let us down. Whenever we would email them a question it was always answered promptly, usually within less than a day. One thing that I really liked was that they include the Engagement pictures in all of their wedding packages. It was nice to work with them before our wedding day and the pictures are really sweet and captured the moment perfectly. On our wedding day. They were amazing. They arrived early (way before everybody!) and took the most beautiful pictures of the location. Even though they worked for 8 solid hours, they were still as easygoing at the end of the night as they were at the beginning. Our photos were online to view THE VERY NEXT DAY, so our friends and families who could not be at the wedding got to see everything. I get very emotional when I hold my beautiful wedding book and look at the pictures. They captured every single important moment, and the candid photos of our guests look like they belong in a magazine. The pictures tell a story of our day without words and it is just perfect and timeless photography. After the wedding, their level of service has remained high whenever myself or one of our family members has had a question or needed to re-order prints. I highly recommend to anyone who is getting married and who wants to hire the best photographer they can get, please talk to James  FIRST! You will save yourself a lot of time and grief that way. Both my husband and I really feel we definitely got way more than our money's worth and we are so glad we picked Hilsdon Photography to work with.

Vision and Talent - Hilsdon Photography was able to capture exactly what we were looking for in photographing living legend Chuck Brown on numerous occassions. We used almost exclusively Hildson photographs on the commercial project of his last release based on the high quality and visionary ideas put forth by the Hilsdons. They are professional and easy to work with. While we have used many photographers over the years, we have never had one photograher capture as many photos that captured exactly what we were looking for. They have a great eye for detail and for framing an idea in the perfect picture. Hope to work with them again soon - highly recommended.

Very professional & highly recommended Their passion for photography certainly showed, as they enthusiastically and professionally handled my session. I was surprised by their creativity and eye for wonderful photos. I wholeheartedly recommend them to everyone. From make-up to site selection, they provide a full range of services to ensure ones time is efficiently and well spent. The best DC has to offer.

I have had several photoshoots in DC and I have to say that Hilsdon Photography is the best photography team out there. They really make you feel comfortable. With the food, the champagne, wonderful music, music, and excellent setting, I felt l felt like I was amongst friends. Their dedication to their work is amazing. And that's hard to find anywhere. Thanks a lot, Hilsdon Photography!!!

Great atmosphere! I had a wonderful time shooting at this studio! They are lovely and made everything to feel me comfortable and inspired for shoot! The Perfect Photographer! I am a young, aspiring actress/model in the Washington D.C area and I've been researching a lot of photographers to start my portfolio and what I should look for in a good photographer. Thankfuly, I came across Hilsdon Photography LLC, I emailed them and told them that I was interested in starting my portfolio; within the next day Mr. Hilsdon emailed me back very promptly with not only a reasonable price for a wonderful package, but also extra advice on getting started in the modeling and acting industry and how I should start my portfolio! I continued to email them before I started an appointment and they've always replied to my emails bright and early the next morning with more useful mother and I were so impressed, we decided to shoot with them that same weekend! Not only is their studio very convienient to find by way of metro, but James is very clear on giving us extra directions and his cell phone number in case we got lost! Mr. Hilsdon met my mother and I in the lobby of their studio and brought us up to a beautiful, welly decorated, very clean, and comfortable studio that was wonderfu to relax and do a shoot in! they also gave me my own changing area! Mr. Hilsdon was very good at making me and my mother feel comfortable and at home before the shoot got started and after I got behind the camera. Mr. Hilsdon was a wonderful photographer that was very kind, friendly, and clear on what he wanted in the photograph. They also did a phenominal job on my hair , makeup and wardrobe...they gave me extra advice on how to apply my own makeup and offered to give my mother and I a makeup lesson. This has been a wonderful experience, and the photos looked amazing! I am going to continue to get photos taken with them as well as reccomend anyne who would like a comfortable, proffesional, AFFORDABLE, and fun photoshoot!!!

They definately fit every aspect of my research on what a good photographer should be. A professional, full service photography company My experience with this company was excellent. The photographer and his make up artist are very professional, knowledgeable and easy to work with. My photoshoot experience was fun and the pictures are gorgeous!! I would definitely use this company again. Very reasonably priced.

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